LOOK: This Lovely Hipster Hotel in Dipaculao, Aurora and Why You Should Visit

Whenever I think of a new destination to visit, I always consider the uniqueness of the place. With so many spots to explore locally, you have to find that picture-perfect spot that would surely give a “wow” factor to the rest. Besides, you’re only on vacation for a few times a year, right? So might as well travel to the best places!

And since it was my first time in Dipaculao, Aurora, I looked for the most contemporary place and luckily stumbled upon Cote Resort! Côte is French for coastline, so the resort’s name basically represents the unique and breathtaking coasts of the Philippines. I fell in love with this amazing hidden gem located near Baler, so I’m sharing six reasons why you should totally visit this place:


6. You’ll live in a container home

Looking for a cool destination to sleep in? Why not try living in a container home! Cote Resort has chic container rooms perfect for that Insta-worthy snap! The exterior of the cabins may be deceivingly simple, with dices as room number references and no elaborate decorations. But once you enter, you will be welcomed with a fully-furnished room designed with hardwood floors, crate-based beds with comfortable cushioning, shelves, and a wide cement bathroom!

cote-resort-bea-perdigon-wim-1 cote-resort-bea-perdigon-wim-2 cote-resort-bea-perdigon-wim-3

5. They have a lounge for book and game enthusiasts

If you’re a book worm or a game geek, you’ll totally love Cote’s lounge filled with books and board games! Since I forgot my book on the way to the trip, I got super happy that Cote has tons of books for me to choose from. If you’re going here with your barkada try to play that rabbit Uno stacks-inspired game. It’s super fun!

cote-resort-bea-perdigon-wim-4 cote-resort-bea-perdigon-wim-5 cote-resort-bea-perdigon-wim-6

4. They have a lot of Instagram-worthy spots

Tired of taking selfies against a brick wall? No worries! Cote has a lot of pretty spots where you can take nice photos! You can take a gorgeous OOTD against the palm trees, and even pose while lounging by the hammocks. Cool, right?



cote-rsort-wim-beaperdigon-9Photos from @beaperdigon on Instagram

cote-resort-wim-beaperdigon-12Photo from @lorendimaano on Instagram

3. It’s a great place to surf

Whether you’re a Blue Crush fan or not, you can learn the basics of surfing at Cote! The coolest part is they offer personalized one-on-one training sessions, so you can easily get the whole feel of a surfer dude or chic. If you’re there with a barkada, they also offer rates for groups, so it’s going to be fun to learn how to surf with your beshies!


cote-resort-wim-beaperdigon-8Photos from @cote_dipaculao on Instagram

2. They serve great food

I have to admit, I was pretty surprised that the food here was super scrumptious! Since they have no fixed menu yet (they’re still on soft opening), they personally ask beforehand if you have any allergies so that the food that they will serve you would be perfect for you. I love the “surprising” factor when each meal was served because it makes you excited of what’s next, compared to ordering your meal before hand.


cote-resort-wim-beaperdigon-1 cote-resort-wim-beaperdigon-3Photos from @Beaperdigon on Instagram

1. They offer personalized service 

Cote Resort’s service doesn’t just lie in tangible accommodations, because the staff builds a friendship with their guests! From being picked up at the bus terminal, customizing their food preparation to your schedule and maximizing your weekend activities, they’ve gone an extra mile to make sure your trip to Aurora is one worth revisiting. Cote Resort has curated their services to make sure that when you check-in, from the lobby to the beaches, you’ll inhale every bit Aurora has to offer.

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