Dyce n Dyne Welcomes the World’s Greatest Detective, Sherlock Holmes!

The game’s afoot and Sherlock Holmes and John Watson need your help! There’s been a murder, and only your combined wits will be able to find the killer. Come to Dyce N Dyne on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, at 8pm with up to 3 friends and unlock the mystery! Prizes await the most clever junior detectives, as well as the right to claim that you and your team bested the world’s greatest detective.

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To help you in your discovery of the truth, a copy of London’s directory, and a number of vital allies, will be yours to call upon. Consult them to find your next lead and, eventually, the true killer.

Participation is fast and easy. Tickets are priced at Php350 (fully consumable). You may want to treat yourself to traditional Londoner fare, such as fish and chips or bangers and mash, washed down with a cold pint or a proper cup of tea. Once you’ve refreshed yourselves, it’s on to the game, which will run for about two hours.

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Get your thinking caps on, drop on by, and show Holmes and Watson what true detective work ought to look like! See you on the sixth!

Dyce N Dyne

Unit 3 Elements @Rosemarie Bldg. Pasig Blvd. Pasig (across SeaOil)

0906 307 8465

www.facebook.com/Dyce N Dyne

Twitter/Instagram: @DyceNDyne

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