A Weekend Escape at Dingalan, Aurora

Summer is just around the corner! The sun, the beach, sunnies and bikinis… these things remind us so much that summer exists! When In Manila, not everyone of us get the luxury of spending summer full blast; but for those who are so into summer and are so willing to make time for it, a weekend getaway at a new destination would be very much worth the experience!

So have you heard of Dingalan? NO? I thought so. Neither have I, but thanks to friends from Dingalan, I was introduced to this hidden beauty of Aurora!  

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 12Welcome to Dingalan, Aurora! 

3-4 hour drive from Manila, Dingalan, Aurora is easily accessible by road through the Northern Luzon Express Way. If you are commuting, the best way is to take a bus, whether Five Star, Baliwag, or Victory Liner which will take you to the main terminal of Cabanatuan City. From the terminal of Cabanatuan City, a bus called ‘Dingalan Express‘ or vans are accessible that will bring you to the town proper of Dingalan. 

When you decide to go via car, pass by Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija and take a photo, or even swim at Dupinga River before reaching Dingalan.   

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 18Dupinga River, Gabaldon Nueva Ecija


Go sight seeing and enjoy the view of the whole of Dingalan at Fort Magsaysay.

IMG_0451 copyOverlooking at this view!


Check out the zipline along the highway to Dingalan, I just love the view up there!

fil-dane-inn-dingalan-quezon-when-in-manila (17)a


#Selfie is a must!  

fil-dane-inn-dingalan-quezon-when-in-manila (18)a


Visit Dingalan Feeder Point in Paltic. 

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 4Dingalan Feeder Point


Get to know people!

fil-dane-inn-dingalan-quezon-when-in-manila (7)Cool kids!

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 2


Enjoy the waves, but don’t get wet!

Photo 1 #wavespamore

Don’t forget to take home squid, kingfish, tuna or blue marlin! They are famous for these!

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 5


A few turns, you will reach the hill at Barangay Paltic where Saint Patrick’s Parish Church is sited.  

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 8


After which, head down to the sea. Go swim, take photos and enjoy the sunny day at Dingalan beach resorts! 

fil-dane-inn-dingalan-quezon-when-in-manila (10)

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 17Because I can’t get enough of the sun! 


Just be careful because their beaches are really rocky! 

IMG_7458 copyand again, #wavespamore 


By rocky, I really mean it! 

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 16


Bring your own food, take a break and have lunch at Lipit Picnic Area. A secret picnic place located in between the mountains of Sierra Madre.

fil-dane-inn-dingalan-quezon-when-in-manila (13)Lipit Picnic Place


Take a dip, 

Dingalan Aurora Fil Dane Inn


or go “cliff” jumping if you must. Just be sure you are having fun!

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 23


Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 22


Then cross the Umiray Bridge that connects Dingalan to Quezon Province.

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 15


Hooray for jumpshots!!

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 21


Cool  your body off with the cold water at Abungan Falls.

Abungan Falls 2Abungan Falls 


And when you’ve had your fair share of adventures and picture perfect moments for the day, head on to Fil Dane Inn, just pass the bridge on top of Dingalan River, and right after take an immediate sharp right, and with just about 100m Fil Dane Inn will be seen on your right.

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 9


Our Dingalan Trip won’t be exciting as it is without the warm people of Fil Dane Inn. We were toured by Lei the whole day to show us the beauty that hides in Dingalan!  

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 10


Fil Dane Inn is managed and owned by the Hofman family. Operating for more than 18 years, Fil Dane Inn can customize tour packages at flexible rates which will depend on visitors’ requirements. Their rooms are simple, rustic. For as low as PHP 1,200 per night, you can avail of their fully air conditioned rooms and PHP 850 per night for ordinary rooms. Family room is priced at PHP 1,500 per night.

Fil Dane Inn also has a family suite, that is considered a transient home that costs PHP 3,000-5,000 per night. It includes 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms, a huge kitchen with a dining area to be booked at least 3 days before arrival. 

fil-dane-inn-dingalan-quezon-when-in-manila (6)air conditioned room

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora


When In Manila, Dingalan, Aurora is a good destination for a weekend trip most especially if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and experience something new.  It is worth the experience and of course, if spent with the right people, makes it more fun and memorable!

Much thanks to the warmness of Lei and the rest of Fil Dane Inn!

Experience Dingalan soon, and see for yourself! 🙂 #itsmorefuninthePhilippines

Fil Dane Inn Dingalan Aurora 20


 Thanks to bettinabacani.com and JoTan23.blogspot.com for the photos.



Fil Dane Inn


Gomez Street, Poblacion, Dingalan, Aurora

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