LOOK: This Jeepney Has A Videoke Inside It–And You Can Sing Yourself To Your Destination!

You’ve heard of taxis and cars going the extra mile to give their passengers an unforgettable ride. But now, the real OG of Pinoy public transportation has proven that it won’t back down from these gimmicks.

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A jeepney is going viral over social media because of a passenger’s extra experience with the in-house karaoke machine it offers! That’s right. We now have jeepneys with karaokes going around! What a time to be alive!

karaoke jeepneyPhoto from Maria Perline Andres

Maria Perline Andres shared her experience on Facebook, which has already been shared more than 2,000 times.

She shares that she just heard stories of this videoke-infused jeepney in Sucat, and was stoked to be able to finally ride it. She tells Facebook that the jeepney driver urged her to sing the first song since she was the first passenger, and she obliged! Honestly, who would pass up such an opportunity?

Maria also shares that it becomes a free ride for passengers when they sing. It was a very enjoyable jeepney ride, says Maria–one that’s definitely far from boring. I actually think that this is the greatest fusion of all things Pinoy–the jeepney and the Filipino’s love for music.

This only proves that jeepneys will always be the kings of creativity on the road.

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