LOOK: This Homemade Beef Lasagna Is A Must-Have At Your Next Party!

Written by Angel Merced

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re craving for a great meal but you’re just too lazy to whip something up? Or maybe you’ve got sudden guests over and you don’t have time to whip up something delicious.

Well, you don’t have to worry about moments like that because you can easily have amazingly good food platters delivered to your home with just a quick click!

Miscuzi is a newly-established business which specializes in homecooked party platters.

According to the owners, the name “Miscuzi”, which means “excuse me” in Italian, was inspired by the comedy movie Euro Trip, and just like the movie’s adventure, Miscuzi also aims to give their customers a gastronomic food adventure through their platters.

They truly aim to share their family’s homegrown recipes with the people of Manila. And as soon as we got the opportunity to try their bestselling Creamy Beef Lasagna, we instantly decided that it was a dish meant to be shared with others.

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I marveled at how cheesy their lasagna was. Every slice was definitely oozing with creamy cheese!

Aside from that, every bite of their signature lasagna is an explosion of flavors. With tasty beef, sauce, and pasta cooked just right, you’ve got yourself a platter of great food to be shared with others–or maybe just for yourself.

Miscuzi also has platters of chicken wings with honey barbecue and garlic parmesan flavors. They’ve got everything you need to throw a quick yet memorable house party with friends and family–without any effort!

So, if you’re up for an elaborate social dinner, or even just a gastronomic treat for yourself, go ahead and order a platter from Miscuzi!


Instagram: @miscuziph
For orders, contact 0917 143 0827

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