8 Games You Can Play to Liven Up Your Next House Party

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House parties are fun because you get to hang out with your friends and do the things you love. If you want to take your party a notch higher, we have a recommendation: games! We’re not talking about classic parlor games like Stop Dance, Bring Me, or Trip to Jerusalem. Though those games may still be fun, there are more that will definitely kick up your house party’s atmosphere.

Here are 8 games you can try:

8. Hot Potato Camera 


In today’s modern age, who hasn’t taken a selfie? In this game, a camera is passed around the group of players and each player must take a photo of himself as quickly as possible. They must then pass the phone to the next player until the music stops. The player who has the camera when the music stops is out of the game.

The most fun part of this is seeing the camera roll after the game. We’re sure there will be hilarious photos you can keep and use for your friends’ next birthdays!

7. I Spy With a Little Lie…

hunger games rue is that true

In this game, ask every participant to say three statements about himself or herself — making sure that all are true except for one. Other players take a guess which one is a lie. This is a fun game you can try to get to know your friends a little more.

6. Pass the Orange


Now, this is an ideal game for those who want to see their friends look silly. The game is pretty simple — pass the orange to the next player just by gripping the fruit between your neck and chin. Form two groups and make sure that the players get to pass the orange around until the last player without dropping it. If the orange drops, it needs to go back to the first player and start again. You can use any fruit that you want.

5. Name that Funky Music

i know that song

Pretty easy: you just need to have a setlist before playing the game. Play the beginning part of the songs (three to five seconds is enough) and have the players guess the title. Whoever gets the most points wins!

4. Improv Night


The group is divided into pairs. Each pair gets one random item from the house and they have to improvise as many uses for the item as they can. Each improv gets one point. The pair with the most points after an allotted time wins. Don’t be afraid to get creative and silly!

3. Pass The Visual Message


Put a twist to the classic Pass The Message. Have two or three groups pass a different message each. You’ll need a pen and paper for each player. Instead of whispering the message to the next player, you have to draw the message until it gets to the last player. Watch your friends get crazy with their interpretations. The team with the most accurate drawing wins!

2. “Honey, I Love You”

audrey hepburn breakfast at tiffanys i love you reaction gif

In a group, one player has to turn to anyone and say the words “Honey, I love you,” and do anything (except tickling) to make that other person smile. The other player would just have to respond with, “Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile,” without smiling. This goes around the whole group of players and the player who smiles will lose the game.

1. Chopsticks Race


You’ll need to divide the group into two teams. Each team will fall in line behind two bowls filled with chips. At the other end of the room are two empty bowls and the teams must transfer as many chips from one bowl to another by just using chopsticksThe team which collects more chips on the second bowl after an agreed time limit wins.

11.07.17 Pic A Arah Josmin Reguyal 11

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