LOOK: This Guy’s Brows are More on Fleek Than Yours

I’ve always had a hard time fixing my brows and even putting on make-up. Though I had my fair share of in-store lessons and YouTube tutorials, I can’t seem to do my brows properly.

Blogger Martin Andrade confesses that he was very anti-social when he was younger. Before he started blogging, he was too shy to mingle with people. He said he was very insecure about his skin and what added to his insecurity was his lipoma i=on his back. He knew since then that he was different from all the others. When he was younger, he helped his mom sell on sidewalks and the pollution actually worsened his skin condition.

LOOK: This Guy's Brows Are More On-Fleek Than Yours

Everything changed when he joined a theater group where he learned how to do make-up.

He said that aside from making people look beautiful, it made him feel less insecure about his skin.

After that, another blogger, Clumsy Clariss, encouraged him to learn make-up. He then took some make-up gigs and a client told him that she never looked that beautiful her entire life. He knew right then and there that it was his calling to help people realize their beauty.

LOOK: This Guy's Brows Are More On-Fleek Than Yours

Martin says his favorite things to do with make-up are the brows and highlights, while his favorite products are Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, MAC’s fix plus The Balm’s Highlighter.

Martin is just starting out with his vlog and make-up, and his advice to everyone who loves to do the same thing is to keep it simple and, if possible, tell a story. “Don’t be afraid to experiment and make your own versions and style”, he adds.

LOOK: This Guy's Brows Are More On-Fleek Than Yours

He shares that his unforgettable moments as a vlogger are when he gets commendations or suggestions on how to improve his work.

He says that they fire up his passion and he will never forget the feeling of inspiring others.

See his brow tutorial below:

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