LOOK: This Guy Turned His Beep Card Into A Beepscuit!

Ever since the introduction of the Beep Card, it has already become an essential not only for LRT and MRT commuters but also for people who take city buses.

Bored by the generic look of the card, Van Ella decided to vamp up this normal everyday item into something more fun and with a little bit more attitude. He customized his Beep Card by creating a skin protector that made it look like it was a piece of biscuit. Check out how it looks like below.

With over 663,000 views and 1,000 reactions, Filipino netizens were all amazed by how Van’s card looks like. Want to transform your Beep to a Beepscuit too? No worries, he posted a step by step guide on how he made the card skin. Read his full post below.

You can now enjoy the puzzled look on other passenger’s faces when you tap your Beepscuit card in and out.

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