LOOK: This Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Pictures And It Is Hilarious!

Technology has gotten us closer to reaching our dreams. Sometimes, it even makes our dream lives come true–for pictures, at least.

This is exactly what happened to Melnar Arquillo who proved that technology can make our lives look so much better than what it really is. He has been posting edited photos of famous celebrities and adding himself into the pictures!

In one of his most viral posts, he uploads a whole album of edited pictures of him with actress Kim Domingo. He doesn’t just end it there. He even added in an MMK-type open letter with it as a caption!

Take a look at it below:

In the post, Melnar tells the story of his “wife” (who, in the pictures, was Kim Domingo) who had grown cold to him.

The way he tells the story through his Photoshopped photos is hilarious!

In one of the actress’ OOTD photos where she’s lying on the floor, he put himself in the background as he “cleaned the floor”. He claimed that whenever he wanted to clean the house, Kim would just lie down on the floor he was trying to clean. LOL!


The story proves to be so good that even the actress herself took notice of it! Kim shared Melnar’s album, saying “Bravo” in the caption.


Photo from Melnar Arquillo

Kim Domingo is not the only celebrity he claims to have “met”. He also has Photoshopped photos of 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, gorgeous teen actress Liza Soberano, and even one where he “attended” a Beauty and The Beast premiere with Emma Watson herself.

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Melnar only has Photoshop (plus his awesome skills) to thank for these dream-come-true pictures. He even has the hashtag #thanks2photoshop on his bio.

Admit it. If you had the skills like his, you’d definitely do this, too.

What do you think of Melnar’s photos? Which celebrity should he “meet” next? Share it with us below!

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