LOOK: These Sterilization Chambers Will Disinfect Your Whole Body in 15 Seconds

Words by Paola Faith Simon

In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, governments in every country rush to provide aid and solutions for the safety of their people. At least, that’s what most governments are trying to do. And in Vietnam, here’s what they’re doing.

Image: www.soha.vn

Vietnam successfully manufactured full-body Sterilization Chambers which clean more than 90% of bacteria and viruses on the body, according to reports. It’s said that it only takes about 15 to 20 seconds to disinfect a person and each machine’s sterilization capacity is up to 1,000 people per day. It is also free and open to the public!

Image: www.soha.vn

The inside of the sterilization chamber has a 360-degree fog spray machine infused with ionic salt water to cleanse. Combined with an infrared sensor installed, the spray machine automatically activates when a person is detected. This system is designed and developed by the Vietnam National Institute of Occupational & Environment Health in collaboration with Hanoi University of Technology.

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Image: www.soha.vn

The machines are reportedly also designed to be portable, so it can be easily removed and transported. It has been said that the disinfection chamber will partly address the need for screening and prevention of COVID-19 in crowded contact areas, especially in hospitals and schools.

These portable sterilization chambers garnered much attention when a Vietnamese vlogger posted a tweet last March 13.

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With the COVID-19 declared as a pandemic, countries like Vietnam work their ways to fight the problem, alongside the whole world. South Korea has its free drive-through testing for the public with results out in 10 minutes. Scientists in Canada recently made a breakthrough successfully reproducing the coronavirus, bringing us one step closer to finding a vaccine. Ultimately, as the world continues to work together, we’ll find a way to end this pandemic.


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