LOOK: These Puppies are Thirsty and Crying; What Can We Do About It?

Cecille Dionisio frequents Divisoria and she sees puppies being sold illegally on the sidewalks and beside the malls all the time. Her heart would break a little more each time. She would approach the puppies, trying to touch them through the bars of their cages. The puppies, crying loudly, would also try to fit their wet, tiny noses through the bars towards what they probably can sense as human compassion. Their sellers seem to have little to none of it. The puppies seem very thirsty all the time, says Cecille. In the photos, we can see that there is no water inside the cages.

Puppies-being-sold-illegally-in-Divisoria- puppy mills

These poor puppies are crammed four to seven in a cage with their brothers and sisters. When it rains they huddle together for warmth. When the sun shines harshly on them, they pant desperately to cool themselves. They beg with their eyes, their tears, and their cries for people passing by to save them.

Puppies-being-sold-illegally-in-Divisoria- puppy mills

The other day, Cecille could bear it no longer. She surreptitiously took photos of the puppies. She tried to take a video but the vendors noticed her and called her out.

Sobrang init at naiyak silang lahat 😥😥 (It was so hot and the puppies were crying.)
I’m sure gutom na gutom sila at uhaw na uhaw (They looked so hungry and thirsty.)
Divisoria itong mga nkita ko (This was in Divisoria.)

Specifically, the location was on Juan Luna Street, near the 168 Mall.

She posted these photos in an animal welfare group and comments about similar incidents poured in. There are illegal pet vendors in Baclaran and along Commonwealth, according to the comments. Puppies are sold from two thousand pesos or more. Vendors claim the puppies are pure breed. Those who could not bear it bought puppies only to discover the puppies were very ill.

One netizen reported that when he reported the illegal selling of pets to the police, he was told to just report it to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), refusing to do anything about it. Even if these illegal pet vendors are flushed out occasionally, they would just return again in plain sight of the authorities as if nothing had happened, according to the comments.

What can we do to help the poor puppies?

PAWS is not a government agency but a non-profit animal welfare organization. In fact, PAWS points out that when you see a case of pet abandonment or abuse, what you should do is report the incident immediately to the proper government authorities who are paid by our taxes and who are responsible for upholding the law and for animal welfare concerns.

These are your barangay officials; National Emergency Hotline 911; and Bureau of Animal Industry – Animal Welfare Division (BAI-AWD) – tel. # (02) 926-1522; Office of the Director tel. # (02) 926-6833 / (02) 928-2429.

The president of CARA Welfare Philippines, Nancy H. Cu Unjieng concurs, “People illegally selling puppies and kittens can be reported to BAI. If possible, take down their name and contact numbers; and take photo or video for evidence.”

She adds, “I would encourage people to adopt or rescue cats and dogs thus preventing the existence of cruel puppy or kitten mills.”

Pets sold illegally come from the cruel puppy mill industry where pets are bred until they drop dead and where they live in horrible conditions. Pets sold in pet shops were also very likely sourced from puppy mills.

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What happens to the puppies if the illegal sellers are busted then?

Nancy advises concerned citizens to step up to foster or adopt them. “Neither BAI nor the Police has a place to keep them. The poor puppies will end up in the pound for euthanasia. If one is really compassionate about the well-being of animals – their conscience should prevail. Foster the puppies first and look for people to adopt.”

“Reporting the illegal sale of puppies is important. But so is finding homes for them instead of bringing them to the pound.”

So can we save these puppies?

We believe that we can but only if we team up and combine our voices. Let’s persevere to report these illegal activities to the proper authorities. As painful as it is not to, we are dooming more puppies to a hellish life or a terrible death if we continue buying pets as this will just continue to fund the activities of the inhumane people behind puppy mills.

Please also share this story to spread awareness. Most people don’t know what to do when they witness animal abuse or illegal pet selling. Together, let us change that.

Concerned about the puppies? Do you have other suggestions on how to help them? Share with us!

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Photo credits: Cecille Dionisio

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