LOOK: These Natural Fiber Drinks Will Help You Feel Fit From the Inside, Too

Filipinas can now achieve their fitspiration the easy and enjoyable way with TRIZIE’s natural fiber drinks

If you’re about to flush your 2020 fitness resolutions down the drain, DON’T. TRIZIE is about to serve you something fun. Like you, we’ve tried everything to reach our fitspiration goals—torturous diets that never made us feel satisfied, ineffective meal plans, tiresome exercise regimens, and more. The results were always the same: we’d lose a few pounds but we would never be able to maintain them. Then we would feel bad, eat our feelings or do nothing, and the vicious, unhealthy cycle repeats itself.

So we went straight to the experts and created a scientific solution that can give real and sustainable results.


Meet TRIZIE (pronounced “triz-ee”)! It’s a natural and easy, yet scientifically designed, way to cleanse your body so you can wake up feeling light and clean. It delivers instant detox results you can see and feel in as fast as 6-8 hours! TRIZIE’s superior fibers kickstart your journey to your dream body by promoting healthy digestion, reducing inflammation in your gut, and relieving you of a bloated tummy. Plus, they taste delicious! Naturally infused with Green Apple and Passionfruit, TRIZIE’s refreshing flavor will energize you for an easy and sustainable cleanse.

With TRIZIE, you don’t have to deprive yourself anymore because our honest-to- goodness products will let you eat joyfully and live lightly!

Feel clean with a total and instant detox

TRIZIE wellness products come in two variants: TRIZIE Clean and TRIZIE Light. Both can help you make a lifestyle change by simply jumpstarting your metabolism and improving your digestion!

Gone are the days when you would feel sluggish, tired, and heavy! TRIZIE Clean’s powerful Thermogenic Multi-Fiber Blend comes with a potent dose of Psyllium Husk and Inulin Fiber to feed your gut’s good bacteria. And when the bacteria are happy, so is the rest of your body—facilitating regular detoxification, boosting your energy levels so you’ll feel lighter and energized to check things off from your daily to-do list, and reducing inflammation so can finally get the flat tummy you’ve always wanted.

Clean is even packed with fat-burners that double as antioxidants—Green Tea, Green Coffee, Garcinia, and L-Carnitine. These will accelerate your weight loss and make you feel fuller longer. Since they slow down the absorption of carbs and sugars in your body, they stop you from craving unhealthy snacks between meals, allowing you to get real weight loss results in as fast as 3-7 days.


Feel light by regularly detoxing

If TRIZIE Clean is for those who want to lose weight and be on their way to their dream body, TRIZIE Light is for those who want to maintain what they already have and it’s specially designed for those with sensitive tummies!

As a mild gut cleanser, Light is made with a Superfood Antioxidant Fiber Blend that’s composed of four types of gentle yet potent fibers: Psyllium Husk, Oil Palm Fiber, Oat Fiber, and Apple Fiber. These keep your digestive system happy and healthy so the rest of your organs can function well, too. It helps flush out toxins and chemicals daily so you can feel energized and rejuvenated to go about your day, without worrying about a painful tummy!

In addition to these, TRIZIE Light is supercharged with Spirulina, Green Tea, Cactus, Alfalfa, and Broccoli to protect your body from the effects of pollutants and bacteria that can cause illnesses while also pumping up your metabolism and fortifying your bones so you can spend your days moving, and feeling and looking your best.


If you want a leg up in your journey to your dream bod, start with TRIZIE Clean. Then for maintenance, switch to TRIZIE Light!

Live life the way you want to by eating joyfully and living lightly. With TRIZIE, you can get the body of your dreams in a worry-free and hassle-free way!

TRIZIE Clean Fiber (P695/3-day pack; P1,595/7-day pack) and TRIZIE Light Fiber (P595/3-day pack; P1,295/7-day pack) are available at Lazada and BFF Manila.

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