LOOK: These adorable locally-made shoes can take your looks from day to night any time

Sometimes when I pick shoes, I ask myself: Style or comfort? Many shoes, while cute, can be difficult to wear for a long time (the infamous “1-hour shoe” comes to mind). It’s sometimes a toss-up between the two. But with Amber MNL shoes, you can easily have both–and you can wear them any time of the day, too. They’re ultra-cute and can go with almost anything–a rarity in footwear, but a blessing once found.


Whether you’re going out to run errands or for a drink with the girls, all you have to do is slip on these shoes and dress them up or down with the right accessories. Even their cute sandals, the Vera, can take you to night time easily. Step into the genuine leather straps and let them carry you throughout your day–no need to swap for heels.

But if you want some pep in your step and just a bit of boost, the Luna is a great choice. Get it in white, black, or taupe, and it’ll go with anything in your closet.

It’s just dainty enough to remain casual for a day out and sophisticated enough to elevate an evening look. You can’t go wrong with it either. Its muted color choices are also great for pairing with anything you own. Ripped jeans? A dress? Full-on red carpet glam? You can bet it’ll match.

Amber 2

Vera (PHP 899)

Amber 4

They also create these gorgeous, customizable leather pouches that they’ll gladly emblazon with your name–just in case you wanted an extra personal touch for your clutch. They’re durable, stylish, and will definitely hold on to all your things while being great punctuation to your adorable shoes.

Amber 5

It’s perfect for a night out with friends or even a formal party. Another item that so easily transforms your look depending on how you style yourself. It’s understated but beautiful, the asymmetric lines playing off each other to create something interesting and practical at the same time. Just put in your lip gloss, your cash, and go! And if you see someone cute, you can just flash a smile and sneakily show off the name on the pouch, just in case you’d like for them to come hither.


Another adorable addition to your collection will come in the form of the Avery doctor bag. Just look at it. The colors. The cuteness. The practicality! Don’t dare let anyone tell you that it’s just another pacute bag (and those pacute bags serve an aesthetic purpose, after all!). It’s got another strap in case you need to hold it from your shoulder and you can personalize it, too. The beautiful clean leather look is timeless. You’ll be sure it’ll last.


They also have gorgeous, more textured kinds of shoes if that’s more up your alley. If playing up your footwear and keeping the clothes neutral, is what you’re into, they definitely have choices for you. Or even if you just want to go all out, they’ve definitely got you covered. Sometimes you need some attitude with print, Amber can definitely bring the attitude for you.

Amber 7

Vera and Luna (PHP 850)

I found the shoes to be super comfortable while remaining to be really cute and modern. Sweet, summery shoes will always be timeless, as well as more sophisticated shapes and lines. Whether it’s a sandal that you can just sneak on in the morning or a little bit of a boost with a block heel, Amber answered my cute shoe prayers. I loved that the Vera was also slightly adjustable, just in case you’ve been walking around all day.

“AmberMNL started from humble beginnings back in the last quarter of 2016 with just 3 styles of shoes, with a vision to create a mindful design — stylish, comfortable and one-of-a-kind footwear that’s absolutely affordable and accessible to most women,” explained founder Jeca Robleza. “We value the handmade process and the craft of our local Marikina shoe artisans and take pride in our quality, from initial design to development to production. From then on, we evolved with making more purposeful products for the modern women. We also produce bags and other leather products (not to mention, it’s all personalized) that keeps up with the needs and functionality of every woman’s lifestyle, and yes, all proudly Marikina made.”

We definitely see their clean, modern aesthetic in everything they make. Truly timeless but still undoubtedly stylish. Don’t suffer through another pair of heels that will only leave you limping home at the end of the day. Amber can definitely address all your shoe needs: Cute, stylish, trendy, and comfy. There’s nothing better than having it all.

Amber MNL

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