LOOK: These 10 Christmas-Ready Photos of Pets Will Give You Holiday Vibes

It’s still 27 days before Christmas and yet, these cute pets are already very excited for the season. Check out these Christmas-ready photos of adorable pets that will surely give you holiday vibes.


I guess, they got way too excited when they saw their hoomans bringing the twinkly Christmas lights out. Naturally, they had to try them out.


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Well, the compilation won’t be complete without a photo with bokeh background, right?



These pets are not yet satisfied on just taking photos beside the lights. And so, they decided to wear them instead.



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Staying toasty and looking festive with those Christmas outfits.




Look at that Santa hat as fluffy as this squishy-faced bunny!


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And of course, what could be cuter than pets in costumes? I honestly can’t think of any!

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Aren’t they all adorable?

Guess it’s also time for us to get ready for the holidays and start preparing gifts for our own pets.

Does your pet also have Christmas-themed photos? Show us in the comments.