LOOK: 10 Unusual Christmas Practices and Beliefs In Other Countries That You Might Not Know

Have you ever wondered how the people from the other side of the world celebrate Christmas?


Here is a compilation of the unusual yet amusing practices and beliefs around the world during the holidays.

10. Austria/Germany

People in Austria and Germany tend to put more emphasis on Santa’s naughty list. They believe in a Christmas devil called Krampus who beats naughty children with tree branches.

9. Iceland

You better make sure to give new clothes to that Icelandic exchange student because Icelandic citizens believe that the Yule Cat will devour people who do not have new clothes before Christmas Eve.

8. India

Due to the absence of traditional Christmas trees like Pine trees, the Indians hang their Christmas ornaments on banana or mango trees instead.

7. Venezuela

Going to mass on the morning of Christmas is common in most countries. But hey, going to mass in roller skates is the Venezuelan twist to this common tradition.

6. Japan

No matter how associated the color red has been with the Christmas holidays, it is frowned upon in Japan to send red colored greeting cards as the Japanese traditionally use red cards for funeral announcements.

5. Italy

During Christmas, there is a kind witch roaming around the streets of Italy handing people presents. Don’t worry, they are not cursed.

4. Estonia

In a very cold country like Estonia, one practical Christmas tradition that they do is to go to a sauna as a family. Nothing like a hot sauna to fight the cold winter and sweat out the Christmas Eve dinner.

3. Britain, Ireland and France

In contrast with the practice of Estonians, the citizens of Britain, Ireland and France like to feel the coldness that the Christmas breeze bring. It has been a tradition for them to dive in freezing bodies of water.

2. Finland

Our Finnish friends believe that the joy of Christmas must not only be celebrated by the living but also with loved ones who already passed away. It has been a tradition for them to visit their dead before the Eve of Christmas.

1. Catalonia

Of all the renditions of the nativity scene, Catalonian nativity scenes are by far the most unique and amusing. In the midst of the three kings, the barn animals and Jesus, Joseph and Mary is a guy squatting and taking a dump. This guy is called Caganer and has always been a part of the Catalonian nativity scene.



Christmas is indeed way more than just going to mass, eating rice delicacies and giving gifts.

Do you and your family have unique Christmas practices? Tell us in the comments.