LOOK: Students Get Wet Kisses from Their School’s Newest Guidance Counselor

And students love it. How can they not? Their newest counselor is sweet, playful, and has a killer smile. He’s also just three-years-old and has a golden coat of hair and he goes around on four legs.


Meet Bububear, Ateneo de Manila University’s newest therapy dog. He was assigned to the Loyola Schools Office of Guidance and Counseling (LSOG) by Communitails, his parent organization that seeks to improve people’s health by tapping into the bond between humans and animals.


According to Ateneo’s school newspaper, Bububear was cleared to take part in the animal-assisted activities on campus last December 2016. So far, he appears to take his job seriously. His job involves “a lot of fun, playful, and even wet (he has a penchant for licking faces) moments in the LSOGC.”


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Under the supervision of the guidance office director, “students are able to hug, feed, and do tricks with the lovable dog, all in the name of de-stressing.”

Apparently, his services are in demand on the campus so students must sign up to spend time with Bubu.

This is not surprising as studies have shown that pets do wonders in lifting people’s moods. 

Stressed? Why not get a pet? But please adopt dont shop! Share your thoughts below!

Photo credits: @LSOGC and @communitails on Facebook


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