LOOK: Simple Beach Rules We All Can and Should Follow

There is always both an upside and a downside to a sudden surge of tourism in an area. The upside is the tourism brings in livelihood for the locals, but the downside is, more often than not, the tourist places are left polluted and abused. And now that we’re in the midst of summer, pretty sure that the problem of trash and pollution in beaches will double even more than usual.

But this shouldn’t have to be the case. Maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the beaches we love are not only up to the locals, businesses, and residences of that area. It is our responsibility. As travelers, as visitors, and as human beings who need nature to thrive and live.

And so local initiative The Pisces Project, who is dedicated to promoting marine conservation and sustainable travel, released these series of “Beach Rules.” They’re efficient and simple to understand, which gives us no reason to not follow them. After all, if you really love beaches (as so many people claim), is it not second nature that we want to protect the things we love?

Here they are. Beach Rules by The Pisces Project:

Let’s not just be tourists. Let’s all be mindful travelers, caring, protecting, and respecting every place (not just beaches!) that we visit.

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