LOOK: School Teaches Boys How To Cook, Sew, and Iron

Before, we only thought boys should be learning how to weld or create a business. Nowadays, the misogynistic days are (hopefully) decreasing and there are fewer people saying “women are meant to be cooking.” Even schools are evolving, such as this school in Spain, particularly, that teaches boys how to iron, sew, and cook.

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Traditionally, gender stereotype dictates that women were to stay at home to take care of the house and other household needs. For men, they were taught to serve as workers or the main providers.

With this, the classes to teach boys how to cook, learn, and sew were important in teaching boys what it takes to be in charge of a household. Andrés Luna, the school’s professor for economics, said that the classes were meant teach students about gender equality.

“They must understand that this is not a woman’s job, but also a man’s one. They need to know how to iron too,” Luna stated.

Several people have given strong praise for the goal of the school to teach young men about gender equality and giving them new skills. Not only will they grow to be more responsible, but they will also learn what to do when they run their own homes.

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