LOOK: New Clark Airport Design is Inspired By Philippine Mountains

Clark, Pampanga is expected to be a tourism sanctuary in the coming future. Now we are expecting, for the first time, to see an airport terminal that will show newcomers what our Filipino architecture has to offer as it said to be inspired by a few well-known mountains of the Philippines. Ready yourselves as the new Cleark Internation Airport Terminal will be introducing Modern Filipino architecture to its design by Budji Layug and Arch. Royal Pineda, according to Inquirer.


Image Artist Rendering: Budji + Royal

The airport’s ridged roofline will have the same characteristics as the surrounding mountain’s outlines. The lining of the roof will also be using metal and glue-laminated timber which is also called “glulam,” a wood product that is structurally engineered and is constituted by layers of dimensional lumber combined with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives.

Layug shares, “They reflect the organic shape of the mountains. The different heights lend the feeling of dynamism and blending with the landscape. When you enter the space, you are in awe.”

The exterior that is a wavy roof at the façade is inspired by Mount Arayat’s terrains, Mount Pinatubo and Sierra Madre mountain range. Layug is known for creating products like furniture made from bamboo so the interiors and structure will mainly feature sustainable materials like the glulam that will be a nice touch to add to that tropical feeling.

“The coziness is achieved in the naturalness of the material,” says Layug.

As for the interior, the grand pitched ceilings and surface has a warm and tropical vibe that will allow the structure to merge with the landscape. The star lantern will also be part of the glam as it represents one of Pampanga’s famous cultural symbols, Pineda shares.

Pineda also emphasized, “We didn’t want to create a cold terminal. We wanted the Filipino feeling. The interiors have the warmth of wood.” For the flooring, they will be reportedly using lahar from Mount Pinatubo which is locally-sourced.

“Once we create solutions and articulate them in our designs, they can become the modern Filipino standards for architecture. Other tropical countries can study how we are doing it. We are trying to generate innovations so that we can share them with the world. We can produce distinctly Filipino designs which make us authentic,” Pineda adds.

“The modern Philippines will finally manifest itself to the world,” architect Pineda puts it succinctly.

 What do you think of the new Clark Airport design?