LOOK: Kuya Kim Has Fully Embraced Being A “Gong Yoo Look-Alike”

A couple of weeks ago, fans got excited when a few celebrities shared their K-Drama feels on social media. The excitement escalated when our very own local celebrities got to meet one of the most internationally famous Korean actors, Gong Yoo.

Kuya Kim Atienza in particular took his meeting with Gong Yoo to the next level. After a lot of people commented on how Kuya Kim looked a lot like the K-Drama star, he didn’t pass up on the opportunity to take a photo with him.

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Now, Kuya Kim has taken his resemblance with Gong Yoo a lot further. On his Instagram account, Kuya Kim has been posting a lot of edited K-Drama photos and putting his face beside Gong Yoo’s to highlight the resemblance. And when I say “a lot”, I really do mean a lot.

Check out some of these funny photos:


Spot the difference?


It’s like a mirror!


Why post the same picture twice?



One of these is not like the others.


It might take you a second but you’ll eventually see what’s wrong with this picture.

Fans of the K-Drama star definitely found this very entertaining, and a lot of them actually support Kuya Kim’s newfound hobby. #KuyaKimShin has definitely become a thing.

What do you think of Kuya Kim as our own version of Gong Yoo? Share it with us!