LOOK: This Korean Actor Finally Met His Pinoy “Twin” And Fans Are Quite Jealous

ICYMI, celebrities are now also caught up with the whole K-Drama fever. Anne Curtis, one of these Pinoy celebrities, never shied away from showing her fangirling self when it came to her favorite K-Dramas–and now even Kuya Kim Atienza couldn’t escape the worldwide phenomenon that is K-Dramas.

Just recently, both TV hosts exchanged a series of tweets when Anne congratulated Gong Yoo, the lead actor of the K-Drama Goblin, and Kuya Kim responding to that tweet, acknowledging the long-running joke that Kuya Kim looked just like the Korean actor.

(Read more on that story here: Anne Curtis Congratulates “Goblin” Star For Winning An Awar–Look Who Hilariously Responds!)

With many fans devotedly following Anne’s fangirling moments, and Kuya Kim insisting that he looks like Gong Yoo, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened.

Kuya Kim finally met his unlikely twin!

The TV host met Gong Yoo at a meet-and-greet event in Hong Kong. The “twins” took a photo to mark the historic moment. Kuya Kim posted the photo on Instagram and gained lots of comments from fans:

Most comments expressed utter amusement on the whole thing–with just a joke escalating into something like this! Others acknowledged that they do look alike despite what others say (I think they really do). The rest were just plain jealous that Kuya Kim was able to meet the Train To Busan star–even Anne was jealous!

She also posted a picture of her own, although not a selfie, to remember her meeting with Gong Yoo.

She even jokingly said that Kuya Kim was the real competition for Gong Yoo’s heart.

Now that Kuya Kim has finally met his “twin”, I honestly can’t wait to see what’s next for this two! A project together, maybe?

What do you think of these “twins”? Do you think they look alike? Share it with us!

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