Anne Curtis Congratulates ‘Goblin’ Star For Winning An Award–Look Who Hilariously Responds!

Anne Curtis has openly shared how much she’s a fan of K-Dramas. It’s all over her social media accounts–from Twitter to Instagram. Fans have been really excited that the celebrity has been enjoying K-Dramas just as much as they have.

While Anne watches a lot of K-Dramas now, her favorite seems to be Goblin. And aside from that, she seems to have quite a major celebrity crush on the show’s lead actor, Gong Yoo.

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Gong Yoo just won the Best Actor award in the recent DramaFever Awards, and of course, Anne, being his ‘number one fan’, couldn’t keep herself from congratulating him.

She took to Twitter to convey her congratulations:

Congratulations my baby for winning Best Actor @ the DramaFever Awards! So deserving! -Your biggest fan, Anne #Goblin #GongYoo #GoblinsBride

Anne instantly got a reply to her tweet. And no, it’s not from Gong Yoo–the actor doesn’t use social media.

It was from our very own Pinoy version of the Korean actor: Kuya Kim Atienza!

You’re welcome 🙂 hehehehe

Netizens have been saying that Kuya Kim looks so much like Gong Yoo. And while some of them are happy that the resemblance has been acknowledged, others just can’t take it–including Anne herself!

Kuya Kim you are my big brother and  I love you but NO! Hindi mo sya kamukha. Gwapo ka pero My baby, Gong Yoo is on a different level! Haha!

kuya kim atienza gong yoo

Actually, I think if you squint your eyes and move your head sideways, they could look alike. Lol!

What do you think? Do they look alike? Share it with us below!