LOOK: Kaye Abad and Paul Jake Castillo’s Minimalist Engagement Shoot Will Make You Swoon

When in manila, or in the Philippines even, weddings have been rife with the sense of grandeur and romanticism, from the most extraordinary of pop culture  to the most whimsical garden themes. That is why when celebrity Kaye Abad and soon-to-be beau Paul Jake Castillo showcased their engagement shoot with a theme that digressed from the norm, everyone called it the next big trend in weddings.




In shades of neutral, light plays against the organic elements of wood and stone, lending a minimalist feel to the shoot with its clean lines and natural-looking light. The wedding is expected this December in Cebu, and looks to be at the helm of an upcoming trend for weddings.





Kaye’s dress is also a reflection of understated elegance. In pure white, along with a fresh no-makeup look, her natural beauty is highlighted effortlessly without the need for anything unnecessary.


Even the cake exudes this minimalist beauty!




The two look perfect together. Add the minimalist theme and the meticulous attention to details, and you have a new trend ready for next year’s batch of engaged couples. Check out the rest of the shoot here.

Disclaimer: The shoot is created for Bride and Breakfast, a Philippines wedding blog.

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