LOOK: Katy Perry’s Witness Tour in Manila Made Teenage Dreams Come True

Rewind to 2012, I remember sitting in a cinema with popcorn in hand waiting for the start of an autobiographical documentary concert film about Katy Perry. Since then, I dreamed that one day, I’ll get to watch her perform live. I didn’t know when, I didn’t know how, but what I knew was that I NEEDED to make that dream happen one way or another.

Then her Witness Tour happened and my dream finally came to life. Seeing her in real life, a few meters away from me to the point that I could almost touch her, made me realize that dreams really do come true. I didn’t specifically dream to watch her in the VIP area alongside some celebrities that I just see on TV, but it did happen. And I know I wasn’t the only one who needed that.

I saw a lot of people’s dream happen, too. From young girls all giddy to watch their idol live to teenage boys and girls freaking out when the gates of MOA Arena finally opened—it was such a surreal experience.

Katy Perry’s concert didn’t disappoint. It was how we all imagined it to be. Magical, fabulous, and majestic.

Let me share with you guys what made the show amazing and awesome:

5. They went all out with the set design

Honestly, I’ve never seen a concert as huge as The Witness Tour. All the props used on the show were really amazing. Incredible to the point that you’d think it is impossible to pull off, but they did! I am still #shookt.

4. The energy of KatyCats were unstoppable

No one can really stop the KatyCats from showing their full support to Katy. With people clad in their favorite Katy Perry impersonation outfit, to those fans who equipped themselves with the cat headband, everyone went all out for Katy! And it was so fun to be surrounded by people confident with themselves, and truly showed their creativity in supporting their idol.

3. The costumes were to die for

This is the biggest mystery of the show for me. Until now, I keep on wondering how Katy Perry actually changed to six completely different outfits in a span of 2 hours. Like literally, every time she changes her outfits, it only takes her at least 3 minutes max! How do you do it, mamsh? And ALL HER OUTFITS WERE TO DIE FOR. As in girls and girls at heart would probably fight each other just to get their hands on her outfits!

2. Katy’s performance and energy were priceless

From start to finish, her performance level never dropped. I also loved how she sang most of her old and classic songs. I thought I’ll only get to hear her sing songs from The Witness album but I was wrong. She performed all of my favorite songs (California Girls, E.T., Dark Horse, Teenage Dream, Hot and Cold, etc.) during the concert. I felt nostalgic hearing her older hits.

1. The underrated highlight of Katy’s night: RECEIPTS

After her performance of Swish Swish, tons of confetti went flying all over the arena. What surprised me was when I caught one confetti, IT WAS ACTUALLY A RECEIPT FROM KARMA COFFEE AND TEA. Ohhhh, major Taylor Swift shade right there and we’re loving it!

Katy made thousands of Filipino teenage dreams come true. And we know that this wouldn’t be possible without the people behind this tour aside from Katy Perry herself, right? From her band to her back up singers, the dancers, props men, stage directors and production people, all these people made The Witness Tour in Manila beyond perfect. And, of course, thank you to AEG Presents and Ovation Productions for making Filipinos happy by bringing The Witness Tour here in our country!

My final message to young girls out there who are now starting to outline or imagine their dreams: DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but it will happen. A dream with action and hard work will make it come true. One day, yours will come to life too.

Were you there at the concert too? What was your favorite moment from the night? Tell us in the comments!


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