LOOK: How This Young Lady Keeps Herself Productive At Work

In this day and age, where amazing stories and photos are shared every second of the day, people get easily distracted. Hence, we tend to become complacent and unproductive for the day. However, for Christine Corpuz, who works at a money changer, has a different way to keep herself productive – she draws and paints to kill time.

As luck would have it, I was able to talk to her about her amazing artwork and attitude towards her job.

artwork of christie corpuz

According to her, she didn’t take up any arts-related courses. Instead, she took up Computer Engineering at PUP. However, due to financial issues, she was unable to finish school. Moreover, she also shared that she got her talent from her dad, who is an artistically-inclined person amongst the family.

Christie Corpuz, IFX

This is one of her charcoal and graphite portraits. (Whatever “graphite” means)

So, when I asked her, how does she keep herself productive since it’s rare for people to have money changed every day, she was quick to say, “wala naman po. Drawing and painting lang po.” (Nothing. I just draw and paint) Although, she uses her phone from time to time, to look for possible references or patterns for her next artwork.

Here are some of her artworks displayed inside the money changing booth:

charcoal graphite design by christie

Christine also shared that she first got inspired by Agnes Cecile’s  “self-contained” artwork.

first water color

This was her first watercolor masterpiece.

artwork of christie

fruit of depression 1

Kudos to you and to all workers out there, who remain productive despite the challenges and distractions we face every day!

How about you, how do you keep yourself productive?


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