LOOK: Here Are Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Literally Priceless

Yup, you’ve read it right.

Priceless as in it costs nothing, but also priceless as in very precious. These gift ideas are perfect for those who are short of money this Christmas season and for those who think DIY products are way better than buying ready-made ones from the mall.

Here you go and hope you can find something worth giving to your loved ones.

5. Christmas Card

This gift is perfect for grandparents. You know how you can’t think of a gift for your lolos and lolas because they already have everything they want and need? Well then, try a Christmas gift. They’ll surely appreciate the effort and the kind words and wishes you have for them. Try to put some pictures too!

4. Massage Coupons

Your mom and dad would totally appreciate massage coupons for Christmas rather than a mug or a key chain. Remember how they would always lambing you by asking for a massage?

Let them relax this Christmas break by offering even just a hand massage or head massage. You won’t only make them happy, you’ll also get to save a lot of money.


(Photo by Sillyhumor.com)

3. DIY Body Scrub

Want something useful but won’t break the bank? How about a DIY scrub made from some cooking ingredients. Yup, all you need are sugar and coconut oil in order to make a body scrub. You can even add fruits, scents and other flavors too. This one is perfect for your sister or friends.

Thanks to free things at home, you don’t need to buy an expensive, branded scrub for your Christmas gifts.

2. Old book

Instead of giving thoughtless gifts, why not give your loved ones something that matters? Put that old book to good use rather than leaving it piled up on your dusty shelf and give it to someone who you think would love it.

Include a holiday-themed DIY book mark for a touch of Christmas.

1. Playlist

I wonder why most people are not doing this anymore. Isn’t a playlist filled with really good songs a good Christmas gift idea? You can choose songs you and your SO both love or put new ones that you think the other person would like. You may also want to try making different playlists: for Friday nights, for Sunday mornings, for drive time, happy songs, work-out songs and the like.

Nothing says love better than a carefully-curated playlist.


(Photo from Free People Blog)

Do you have anything to add to this list? Tell us in the comments.