LOOK: “Dead Whale” Reminds People To Protect The Oceans From Plastics

The world is constantly facing a multitude of issues which impacts all of mankind. While each problem is in need of an immediate response, our problem regarding solid waste management is one that has an immense impact not only on human beings but to animals and the environment as well.

I’m quite sure that you have come across the saddening picture of a bird that died because of all the trash it has eaten. This picture alone shows how alarming out problem regarding trash management is. There have also been other manifestations or pieces of evidence that show that our problem with the accumulation of trash, especially plastic waste, is doing more damage to the animals than to humans.

Fortunately, there are many active movements that help provide solutions to this problem that seems to just endlessly pile up. Just recently, Abigail Aguilar launched a campaign, petitioning to the ASEAN member states to create an act to protect the oceans from plastic and marine debris.

As part of this, they have set up an incredible realistic installation art of a dead whale with a stomach filled with the trash that has ended up at sea. The display will be up until Sunday, May 14, 2017, at Sea Side Beach Resort, Naic, Cavite.

Join the movement and sign the petition here.

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