Join the #StuffitChallenge and Help Save the World

Internet challenges have come and gone, but few had lasting and positive impacts beyond the immediate entertainment value. Now, however, there is one challenge that has the potential to save the world from drowning in the mess of our own making. Introducing the “Stuff It Challenge!”

Join The Plastic Solution’s “Stuff It Challenge.”

Hello, darklings.

Our planet is drowning in plastic. Lots of sea turtles are choking on our garbage.

Turn disposable waste into eco bricks (construction materials) instead! The bricks will be used for low-cost builds in areas such as the Aeta Village in Yangil, as well as other communities in Baler, La Union, and Zambales.

How to join the “Stuff It Challenge”

Join the "Stuff It Challenge" - ecobricks

A plastic bottle stuffed with non-biodegradable stuff is an ecobrick and can be used to construct houses.

Stuff plastic bottles with non-biodegradable waste, such as:
– Plastic
– Styrofoam
– Aluminum foil
– Cloth
– Nylon
– Rubber
– Latex
*Bottles must not be bigger than a 2L Coke bottle.

Take pictures, and spread the word. Challenge other people to follow suit, and use the hashtags below:

Turn the bottles over to:
– The Circle Hostel (all branches/locations)
– Z Hostel
– Lokal Hostel
– MNL Hostel
-Ateneo de Manila University: MVP 307 AESS Org Room, point person Camille Rodriguez
– UP: Haring Ibon Tambayan, AS Basement, point person Jim Bagano
UP Materials Science Society, 4th Flr West Wing of Melchor Hall, point person Klarysse Domingo
-PETA Theater, point person Anj
-Beatnik Inc Room 208 Llanar Building, 77 Xavierville Quezon City

How to stuff it: turning an empty plastic bottle into a plastic solution

One person who has joined the Stuff It Challenge and is actively spreading awareness about it is artist and project manager Monique Obligacion. She shares her story and some tips:

My fiancé Rocco Mapua and I have been actively refusing straws and plastic bags for quite a while now. We’ve long been stuffing plastic bottles with beach/mountain trash we pick up, but never thought to also do it at home until we joined The Plastic Solution. It’s surprising how much trash you can squeeze into one bottle when you really, really try to pack it tight.

It’s oddly therapeutic. Once you start, you’ll also be a lot more conscious of how much disposable waste you personally contribute to the world. Example: When I started putting dental floss picks into the bottle, I realized I had to stop buying plastic picks and decided I should buy a real dental pick instead. We never buy plastic stemmed Q-tips.

We do it everywhere now. We have a bottle in the car, a bottle at the office, a bottle in each of our bags. If you have a maid, or if you have kids, have them do it too. It feels good.

Some of the things Monique and Rocco have stuffed in bottles were:
– Milk and juice cartons
– Plastic egg trays
– Shampoo and conditioner bottles
– Medicine wrappers
– Wet wipes
– Clothes that can no longer be donated
– Old toothbrushes
– Plastic or aluminum packaging for chips/laundry soap/bread/cat food/etc.

Monique’s Tips:
– Items with biodegradable residue such as food are first washed.
– Larger items are cut into strips. We use kitchen scissors.
– Bottles are packed as tightly as possible. We have wooden/steel rods to force the trash in.

Wall made of ecobricks / plastic bottles

Wall made of ecobricks / plastic bottlesThe people behind Plastic Solution have made two walls at the Circle hostel in Baler and Zambales as examples of what can be done.

Eco-Tec's Bottle House - ecobricks

Bottle houses in Nigeria - ecobricks -

These are examples of houses made from ecobricks. Supposedly, bottle houses are sturdier, cheaper, and well-insulated. The thick walls keep the heat out. The round houses being built in Nigeria are even bullet-proof and earthquake-proof.

Ordinary mortar can be used to hold up the bottles–though cob (mix of soil, sand, and straw) are the preferred material as cob is completely eco-friendly. Free constructions plans are available online.

To build one, you just have to start with one bottle. Do the #StuffitChallenge now!

For more information, visit:

The Plastic Solution is the brainchild of Ziggie Gonzales and is an ongoing project of The Circle Hostel.

The Plastic Solution is calling out for additional drop-off points and volunteers to transport ecobricks to its Quezon City headquarters. If interested, contact

Photo and campaign info credits: Monique Obligacion, The Plastic Solution Facebook Page, @TheCircleHostel,, and

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