LOOK: These DC Comics-Inspired Shoes are Amazing!!!

My geeky heart is going absolutely wild!!! Molly Jackson recently wrote an article over at comicmix.com about the Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York City, and one particular photo from her article caught my attention like no other: a photo of a DC Comics Shoebox Collection.

In the photo, you can see 12 different types of high heels, all of which are designed to suit a DC Comics character. Again: my geeky heart is going absolutely wild!!!

The posters say “Collect all 12!” I WANT TO, BUT HOW DO I DO THAT?!??

On the top back row, you can see a stunning sexy Wonder Woman design and a fun Harley Quinn design, but I particularly love the Poison Ivy one in the centre of the front row.

According to Molly, the DC Shoebox Collection line at Cryptozoic were sculpted by Shephan Ehl. “Super creative and well representative of the women in DC Comics,” she says in her article. She adds, “I am also a big fan of Cryptozoic because they always credit the designer and/or sculptor with all their pieces.” You may read Molly’s full blog post on the Toy Fair here.

DC Shoes

Don’t you wish you could get your hands on at least one pair of these amazing heels? Which one is your favorite?