LOOK: DC Releases New Awesome Photo of the Justice League

There was a photo that surfaced the internet a few days ago and it is MAJESTIC! DC Cinematic Universe released a photo of the Justice League and, I must say, I am in awe!! As a collector, this makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad because money will be spent, and happy because, YEY new figures!

Take a look at this photo of the Justice League!


Now that’s a super team right there! After seeing this photo with an impressive ensemble of actors and knowing that Geoff Johns, one of the greatest names in graphic novels, is involved, this makes me all the more excited to see these group kick some major baddie butt! Who is your favorite Justice League member? Let’s meet them shall we?


First, we have Cyborg. Victor Stone is half-man and half-machine. His body was destroyed in a freak accident and was saved by his father through experimental tech.



Next, we have The Flash (Ezra Miller). Barry Allen is the fastest man alive! He is so fast, he can tap into the speed force with ease, travel back and ahead of time, and go through walls by vibrating his molecules! HE IS SO FAST HE VIBRATED THE EARTH SO THAT A METEOR CAN PASS THROUGH IT OKAY.



Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)! Ohh yes! Our very own Diana Prince from the beautiful Themyscira, one of the founding members of the Justice League, looks beautiful as she is imposing! Stoked to see her stand-alone movie this March!

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Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman (Jason Momoa), is the king of Atlantis and the  ruler of the seven seas! This superhero used to be mocked before, but Jason Momoa as Aquaman? That’s a different story. I would love to see how Aquaman struggles to work with land dwellers as they battle evil!



AND FINALLY, the Bat of Gotham. The night, the caped crusader, a man who needs no introduction, THE BATMAN!

Despite the negative comments about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I still believe that Ben Affleck was meant to play Bruce Wayne and is perfect as BATMAN! I can’t wait to see Affleck as the leader of these heroes!


We have yet to see a photo of Superman, Jim Gordon, and the main villain, but it would be a nice surprise if they keep the villain and Superman a secret until the movie comes out this November 2017! Don’t you think?

Who is your favorite Justice League? Who would you like to see them clobber? Share your thoughts in the comments!