WATCH: Wonder Woman’s Official Trailer is Completely Action-Packed!

The official Wonder Woman trailer was recently released and it has gotten me absolutely psyched for the movie set to come out next year! In it, we get to see Diana Prince walking down Paris next to the Louvre, looking at the old photograph we saw a glimpse of in ‘Batman v Superman‘ – and we also get to see lots of gorgeous CGI effects.

We also get a great look at men in uniform, setting the scene for the 1920’s during World War I; the stunning costumes of the Amazonian ladies; and even an official look at the movie’s villain: Doctor Poison. Judging by the trailer, there will be a lot of action in this. Of course, we’ll also get to enjoy watching her find her weapons-to-be, seeing her strut her sexiness and hearing her unforgettable accent. I also love that her uniform is more bright and colourful compared to the one she wears in BvS. Watch the full trailer here:


Wonder Woman is set to show in June 2017. Who else cannot wait for this?