LOOK: Bosconians Reveal Their Relationship Status Via Color-Coded Shirts

Junior high school (JHS) students of Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati had a very unique way of showing off their relationship status last Valentine’s Day: through color-coded shirts.

On February 14, the students wore shirts in a color representing their status: Red for “in a realtionship”; Yellow for “single but happy”; Green for “it’s complicated”; Blue for “study first!”; White for “si Lord ang ka-date ko”; Floral for “ligawan stage”; Black for “broken-hearted”; Grey for “moving on”; Stripes for “NBSB/NGSB”; and Other Colors or their Uniform for “Killjoy”.

The JHS Student Council’s “Kulay ng Pag-Ibig” gimmick was part of the school’s ‘Arts and Hearts Month’ celebration. Can you guess which color most of the students wore? White. As the high school student council posted on its Facebook page: “Bosconians truly do love God more than anyone else”. The Bosconians teachers and parents must be very happy about the results.

Majority of the students (35% of them, to be exact) wore white. Only 9% were in a relationship and wore red. 20% wore blue (studies first); 12% were single but happy in yellow shirts; 8% had no boyfriend/girlfriend since birth (striped shirt); 7% were heartbroken (black); 3% had a complicated status (green); another 3% were moving on wearing grey shirts; 1% were in the courtship stage (floral); and 2% were simply killjoys and wore other colors.

Even the school’s entrance/exit turnstiles were coded [Photo from Don Bosco Makati-Junior Facebook Page]

That’s not all, either. The school’s turnstiles were coded, as well. The students got to choose which ones they wanted to go through by answering the question posted in the entrance lobby: “What can I offer God this Valentine’s Day?”. There was a turnstile for “my heart”, “prayer”, “talent”, “friends”, and “studies”. There’s more, too: come dismissal time, they got to choose the turnstiles to go through, as well: “may date pa ako”, “called by God”, “torpe”, “umasa”, and “paasa”.

What other Valentine’s Day gimmicks did you see in other schools?


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