We asked you if you celebrate Valentine’s Day and why…Here are the answers!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most contentious holidays of the year. People are usually divided over loving it or hating it. Some call it a fake holiday that only exists to drive consumerism. Others see it as an opportunity to celebrate love and relationships — of any and all kinds. Then there are those who are caught in the middle and only acknowledge it if the circumstances are right.

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So we decided to ask the WIM Squad on Facebook to weigh in on the Valentine’s Day debate. Here are 20 people explaining why they celebrate (or don’t celebrate) Valentine’s Day:

20. Yes, but it’s just an excuse to celebrate. Also because he never does anything sweet unless its vday. 

– Marina

19. Only if may jowa. Because Valentine’s is for couples. My notion of Valentine’s ever since I was young is that it’s a very romantic and intimate celebratory day for couples. It’s not like a holiday that everyone celebrates. That’s why I find it funny that some establishments make it seems like a holiday by decorating their place as early as January. But then I have nothing against people who celebrate it like a regular holiday. If it’s a day of love for them (filial love) then so be it. But I find it a little bit silly.

18. No, cause I have a boyfriend and I expect him to treat me well every day. Valentine’s shouldn’t be special or an excuse to make grand gestures to someone. It’s expected and I’d appreciate something more spontaneous 

17. My date be like: me, myself, and werk!  

– Annz 

16. I was going to then he left me :—( JK I usually do by planning surprises for my friends <3

– Angela 

15. Even though I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, yes. It’s an opportunity for me to see my super busy girlfriend so I’ll take it.

– Kat 

14. Never. It’s because I have classes at that time and obviously I’m single. I can reward myself though if it falls on a weekend!

– Jerenze

13. No. It seems like a waste of money so we both agreed in the beginning that we wouldn’t celebrate it. We don’t celebrate or know when our anniversary is either. I actually used to buy flowers for my boyfriend’s birthday (Feb 16) but the price hike is still in effect even after Valentine’s day so it became too expensive after a while.

– Dante 

12. I do celebrate Valentine’s day. I’m the usual “gonna-celebrate-what’s-there-to-celebrate” type and by virtue of that, I celebrate almost all traditional occasions out there. In my opinion, if there’s a way to make one out of the 365 days in a year extra special dedicated to the idea of love, romance, affection and all the beautiful values that these entail, why not take it right? After all, Valentine’s isn’t about what you give or where you celebrate it, it’s about whom you spend it with. 

11. No. It’s just a regular day.

– Rochella 

10. Nope. Masyado mahal plus sobrang dami tao. Before or after ang celebration

– Jeanne 

9. Yes, but nothing too big. Usually, we just make an effort to eat together or give some chocolates. I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day but it’s something I celebrate because my boyfriend is into it. 

 – Denise  

8. Nooooo! My husband and I never celebrated valentines day together (ever since ligaw to kasal moment) believe me! because of his work as a hotelier, so that’s the busiest day for them so hindi pwede mag pa off. However, he always gives me chocolates pambawi nalang. Kinda sad for us both

– Jennry

7.  Nope. Everything’s expensive. 

6. We don’t. It’s straight culture + very commercial. It gives us the mindset to save up for a holiday for showing love, in usually grand gestures, when we can show love every day in small gestures

– Renzo 

5. I do even if I’m single.. lol with my friends, group (of single) date.. cause I believe it’s for everyone. It’s not literally for married couples or gf/bf. Since Valentines is associated with love you can celebrate it with your friends and families.

– Cindy 

4. I do!! like even if I’m single I celebrate with my friends, not necessarily for any meaningful reason — just that I like giving gifts around or going to dinner with people or making cute notes for my friends.

– Aleijn 

3. Yes, I do because I feel there are still ways to tailor the occasion to you two personally and still make it meaningful for you and your partner. And I don’t think celebrating it means you discount the other 355 or so days with them.

– Isa

2. No, it’s usually just a really bad day for me. I’ve never had a proper Valentine’s. My first crush rejected me on Valentine’s Day and told me 5 years later she only did it because she didn’t want to be a cliche (even if she did like me). Then I’ve also had 2 different break-up’s on Valentine’s.

1. Definitely no, cause I’m single.

– Leonard

*Uncredited answers are from those who asked to be anonymous

Do you think people should celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your side in the comments! 


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