LOOK: Art Of Kalandian Manual… Ang Sampung Utos Ng Kalandian!

Ever been in that situation where you just can’t seem to flirt or “landi” successfully with your crush, while you look around you and you see your friends landi with effort?!

Well, multimedia arts and design student John Alfred Pangan has decoded this complicated art of landi into a manual, to help solve your landi-less woes!!

Part of the Art of Kalandian Manual tackles the most important things you need before making landi, the 10 landi commandments or “Ang Sampung Utos Ng Kalandian”, and much much more!!

For your convenience, we’ve posted a copy of this below, so read on more to find out how to landi effectively… and with dignity!!

Note: This is a satirical and/or humorous post.

Art of Kalandian 1

Art of Kalandian 2

Art of Kalandian 3

More on the Art of Kalandian Manual and “Sampung Utos ng Kalandian” on the next page!!


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