LOOK: Another Magnificent Heritage Structure is Demolished in Manila

Despite the National Cultural Heritage Law (Republic Act No. 10066) seeking to protect structures over 50 years old, heritage structures seem to have a habit of biting the dust in the city of Manila. The latest to be demolished is the Yuhengco House at the corner of Calle Sevilla and Calle Jaboneros in San Nicolas, Manila.

Several netizens have shared photos of the demolition as well as their dismay over the destruction of another piece of Manila’s rich cultural heritage. The one below is by Arquitectura Manila.

This one is by a netizen who went to the scene-of-the-crime, so to speak.

According to a comment by a researcher from the Historic Preservation Division of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, the Yuhenco House was built in the Neo-Gothic Revivalist architectural Style, which prevailed in the Philippines from circa the 1870s to 1920s, with its pointed arches and flat arch door openings. The lower floor had large, adobe blocks for the walls.

All of that is now just going to be found in the pages of books from now on, sadly.

This house is just the latest in a series of heritage structures that have been demolished in Manila for the past decades, which included the Jai Alai building, considered one of the finest Art Deco examples in Asia. It was ordered demolished in 2000 by former Mayor Lito Atienza to make way for the Manila Hall of Justice, which was never built.

What do you think? Is keeping our heritage alive important? Do you know of other heritage structures that we have lost over the years? Share your thoughts below!

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