LOOK: A Virtual Guide To Experiencing The Philippines in A Month

Many people aspire to travel around the Philippines. I mean, with all the popular destinations and hidden gems, interesting and delectable dishes, and our rich culture – who wouldn’t?

However, being an archipelago composed of over seven thousand islands, travelers often face the burden of how they can get from one place to another. Having faced the same exact problem during his stay in the country, Noahvde, an avid wanderer and content creator, decided to create a virtual guide to help those who want to experience the Philippines in thirty days. Watch the video below.

The guide is mainly composed of the destinations in Central Philippines and the Visayas region.

Aside from giving directions on how to go to different tourist spots, he also made recommendations on what to eat, where to stay, and which activities to try in each destination he went to. He even provided contact details of the guides that helped him during his tour so they can help us out too.

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