LOOK: A Netizen shares disgusting photos of a “river full of trash”

For someone who travels, a picturesque scenery is a must. As much as possible, we would like to see greens, trees, and a bright and pollution-free atmosphere. In fact, we thrive to construct eco-friendly places to satisfy the demands of the Filipino people aiming for a healthier lifestyle.

However, if you’re going downtown like Metro Manila, where major establishments are located like government offices, embassies, just to name a few, you would probably come across cars trapped in traffic and smog.

Unfortunately, a netizen by the name of Jun Gomez encountered a different scenario. He came across a disgusting sight, which he shared in his Facebook account.

netizen shares photos of river full of trash

According to Jun, he was on his way to a business meeting when he came across a “river full of trash.”

netizen shares photos of river full of trash

Here’s the full caption to his photos:

Was on my way to a business meeting with a supplier in Binondo and was so disgusted with what i saw. A river full of trash. How can this be acceptable? What are the local officials doing? the media? or is this a reflection of what we are as a society?

Everybody knows the Philippines has poor infrastructure. Everyone is also aware that while the government has initiatives to lessen the waste management problems through segregation of trash, some people don’t take things seriously. As a result, we experience terrible floods and environment-related cases.
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