LOOK: 5 Woven Bags That Are More Than Just The Aesthetics

Hey, girl! Are you currently looking for the purrfect beach bag? Say no more, because this local brand’s accessories are more than what meets the eye. 

Style Cat is a lifestyle brand by Yuki Tansengco that sets out to deliver fresh new styles for all the fashion-savvy cats out there. Being a lifestyle blogger and a style cat herself, Yuki has an eye for one of a kind styles that are tote-ally dibs-worthy. Check out our favorites below.

5. Ipanema


4. Queensland


3. Maui


2. Costa Rica


1. Manille


But hey, apart from the wonderful designs, what’s best about Style Cat is that all their bags are 100% local as they make use of indigenous materials like abaca, raffia and banukan, and are all customized, embroidered and handwoven by Albay-based artisans.

Not to mention, Style Cat is also a firm supporter of eco-ethical practices in the production and fair trade of its products. All the handbags are made from sustainably sourced materials, and serve as an opportunity for talented craftsmen to earn a steady income and continue their age-old weaving practices.



So, why not choose a local brand that is both fashionable and responsible? After all, being a style cat isn’t just about the aesthetics of having a nice bag.


Aside from its online shop and several pop-ups every now and then, Style Cat has also went from local to global with its first physical store in 69 Haji Lane, Singapore.

For more information about Style Cat, visit their website here.

Style Cat


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