LOOK: 5 Things You Can Do Instead Of Playing EverWing

I’m sure everybody still remembers the time when you open your Facebook and see a ton of notifications. Naturally, you get excited because you think your new profile picture is getting the attention that it deserves but then, you end up feeling disappointed because it’s just a ton of invitations to play games.

Well, we’re way over that phase.

Now, you just get tons of new messages or more accurately, invites to play games. More often than not, it’s all about EverWing.


Whether or not you’re addicted to the game already, here are five things that you can do instead of playing EverWing:

5. Learn to play an instrument.

How about a guitar, piano, or a cute ukulele to keep your fingers busy? Why not fill the room with music instead of the “pew-pew” sound that your character in EverWing plays when it shoots its lasers? Makes sense, right?

4. Read a new book.

Expand your mind, your vocabulary, and analytical skills by delving in an adventure through the pages, instead of analyzing the pattern in the way the boss monsters attack.

3. Spend time with your pets.

Give some attention and love to your fluffy furry cat instead of your two little dragons that help you fight the monsters in EverWing. I know, the dragons are cute but they’re not as adorable as your actual *living* pet.

2. Go out.

Put on your best dress and make up for a fun night out. Just make sure to keep things interesting so that you don’t end up doing the same thing in a different place.

1. Hang out with friends

Nothing beats catching up with friends after a busy week of work. Instead of competing on who has the highest score on an online game, why don’t you play some board games or a set of badminton instead?

But then again, it won’t really hurt if you play just one game, or four, or until you become the top scorer for this week’s tournament. After all, why choose one when you can do all these five things while playing EverWing all at the same day?

Are you also addicted to EverWing? Tell us in the comments.