READ: 5 Things Filipina Women Should Stop Apologizing For

For the longest time, most FilipinasĀ have been raised to believe that women should act like this and that. It’s as if there’s a standard way of doing every single thing and once you failed to subscribe to the expectations the society has dawned upon you, you’re immediately criticized.

But hey, Filipinas, it’s 2017. With the growing number of both men and women fighting for gender equality, it’s about time for you to be unapologetic. Here are 5 things that you should stop apologizing for.

Your clothes

To be honest, what you wear shouldn’t concern anybody but you. Go ahead and slay on that body-fitting dress or those loose boho jeans. If people disrespect you because of your outfit, then they’re the problem, not your clothes. Your worth is not based on the length of your skirt and neckline.

Your actions

No, you don’t have to be sorry for not being “mahinhin”. If anything, be assertive, strong, independent and empowered. Truth is, being “mahinhin” actually restricts us from achieving our fullest potential and besides, it banks on the idea that women should be submissive. Go speak your mind out, be yourself and take no shit from people who try to put you inside a box.

Your body

Take control of your body. It’s your right to do so. There’s no need to be embarrassed by your stretch marks, scars, puson, body hair, etc. If you’re all for contouring and applying make-up, then go ahead. If not, then it’s still fine. It’s your body and whatever you do with it is your own business and not anybody else’s.

Your relationship status

Who cares if you’re 29 and single? Seriously. Whether you’re dating or choosing not to date, what’s important is your happiness. Go stay single, date a lot, get married, have an annulment or whatnot, but don’t feel sorry for any of it.

Your life choices

Stop apologizing for having a neon orange-dyed hair, for not wanting to have a baby, for dating another woman, for quitting your depressing job, for having a breakdown, for dumping your ex or whatever it is you feel sorry about. IT. IS. YOUR. LIFE. Nobody has a say in it, but you.

People will always have something to say, so might as well just live how you really want to, do what feels good and own your life and your rights as a person. Be unapologetic and most importantly, be happy.

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