LOOK: 21-year-old Artist Takes Advantage of Color Blindness to Produce Incredible Photographs

We usually see our weakness as a hindrance from achieving our dreams. More often than not, we succumb to thinking that we won’t be able to do certain things because of these weak points.

Good thing, Ed Enclona, a 21-year-old artist did not let color blindness stop him from pursuing art. From painting to photography, he used his condition as a strength instead of treating it as a drawback. He managed to actually take advantage of it to make his art stand out from the rest. Read more about him and his works below.

How would you describe your art?

My photos reflect so much about myself, my struggle and my journey. I really put my mood into it. There is always an inspiration in each and every fashion photo or simple portrait. I am a person who’s quiet but there is always something to say. I let my photos speak and introduce myself. They may not be the outstanding for some but I’ll make it sure that it will be relevant and inspiring.

Ed Enclona 1

When and how did you start?

Photography was introduced to me when I was 2nd year college.

It was part of my advertising course and I don’t know but I really enjoyed using my camera. I’m no artist before college. I explored. I started knowing the basics and I kept practicing.  I hit and missed good photos. I had my breakdowns and tried again. It’s not tiring as long as you’re enjoying it.

ed (13)

Do you have any inspirations?

My inspiration is everyone and everything. There’s nothing good or bad, they are all enough to be an inspiration. They deserve to be like that.

Ed Enclona 4
What are the qualities that set your photographs apart from other artworks?

It’s not the photograph itself but the process, the whole story behind it. My photos highlight every person behind it. They show our strengths and weaknesses. We had hardships but the bond is priceless. We don’t just make photos, we make friends. All photos are beautiful but the story behind it makes it much more than that.

Ed Enclona 6

What are the challenges you’re currently facing when it comes to photography and how do you deal with them?

I’m facing a lot of challenges right now. I’m obtaining the irony of being an artist. I’m a colorblind person and it’s contrary to my craft. I need colors. The right colors. But it doesn’t make me less of an artist; instead, it makes me more than that. I can see what a normal person can’t see. I have a different perspective. I have to highlight and make it as an edge. I practice, practice and practice. I’ve done bad coloring until I nailed the right colors and then break it again to make more of my style. I helped myself with the available tools in my computer from Adobe Photoshop to Google. I started by checking the colors using Adobe Photoshop and color picker. I’m bad at coloring, I’m honest with that. I don’t know how to get a right yellow. I often make the skin looks green. I often switch the colors blue and violet, and green and brown. But with the help of those tools, I learned how to do those colors right.

Ed Enclona 5

Can you tell us more about your previous and current projects? Which one is your favorite and why?

I’ve been doing a lot of passion projects. I always try to make out of the box concepts and trying to be me at the same time. I’ve done really crazy color popping photos that really challenged me. I have two favorite projects. The first one is an editorial with a model and a fish fresh from the wet market. It’s really crazy. The second one is an editorial with a huge team, this is my latest passion project. The team is composed of 20 persons (8 models, 4 stylists, 3 makeup artists, 2 behind the scenes photographer, 1 videographer and 1 photographer). I started the idea and proposed it to each person and luckily they trusted me to do that.

Ed Enclona 3
Any upcoming plans, projects, and ventures?

For now, I’ll be doing more big passion projects because I enjoyed the last one. My friends and I will try to have a collective and we will be talking about it soon. I’ll also be having a podcast with my friend Fade next week. You will know more about me and my aspirations as a person and also as a photographer. It will be fun and casual. Hope you guys can anticipate it.

Ed Enclona 8

Any advice for other aspiring artists out there?

Don’t filter out your inspirations. All of them are inspirations, good or bad. Be human. Stay low and immerse. Don’t hesitate to encounter things. Experience it. Don’t be afraid but be relevant and conscious. Try to change the game but don’t be arrogant the same time. Accept the change. Learn to say no. And learn to know when it’s your fault. Keep in mind that struggles make your story more epic. We all don’t want a boring story, we want a good story to share in our first documentary. Think of it. Lastly, always have a dose of live music. Thanks When in Manila!

Ed Enclona 10


Ed Enclona 11

You may follow Ed and his art works on the following:

  • Instagram: @_thecolorblindcreative
  • Facebook: fb.com/thecolorblindcreative
  • Behance: behance.net/photographed

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