Lola Amour Reacts to Michael V.’s Parody of “Raining in Manila”

On Sunday’s Bubble Gang episode, Michael V. a.k.a. Bitoy released his latest spoof–a parody of “Raining in Manila” by Lola Amour. Written, performed, and directed by the comedy genius himself, the hilarious cover was titled “Waiting Here Sa Pila by Lolo Kanor.”

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Photos: Lola Amour on Facebook / Bubble Gang on YouTube

The original hit song by Filipino band Lola Amour was written by David Ligad Yuhico, Pio Antonio Benitez Dumayas, and Raymond Benedict Jovellano King. Its first verse goes:

It’s been raining in Manila, hindi ka ba nilalamig?And it’s been raining in Manila, hindi ka ba nilalamig?But if it’s raining in Manila, hindi kita maririnig(Nakahiga, mag-isang nanginginig)So, I’ll be waiting in Manila kahit ‘di ka na babalik

Meanwhile, an excerpt of the lyrics of Bitoy’s version goes:

You’ve been waiting here sa pila para sa isang kape
You’ve been waiting here sa pila para sa isang kape
Ba’t ang t’yaga ninyo sa pila? ‘Di ba, mahal na ang kape?
(Ang hirap lang, hindi s’ya nakikinig)
‘Di ba, wala na kayong pera? Eh, ba’t ka pa bumibili?

Since its online release, the parody has already generated over 800K views on Facebook, more than 200K views on YouTube, and almost 100K views on Instagram (as of writing). Among the reactions the post has garnered were Lola Amour’s, who shared it on both their official Instagram and Facebook pages.

On Instagram Stories, they first shared the screencaps posted by Bubble Gang in collaboration with GMA Network and laughed out loud. Then, they reshared the full video and captioned it with “Bitoy the Genius! Such an honor!”

On Facebook, the band wrote “HAHAHHA walang kupas Michael V 😭 Salamat po!” on their shared post.

Furthermore, Bitoy appreciated their reaction to his parody of their song, and commented “Love you guys! ❤️🙏🏼☕️” In response, the band expressed their hopes to personally meet him saying, “Love you sir!!! Sana makapag meet tayo soon!”

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Screen captured from Lola Amour on Instagram and Facebook.


We hope so, too! How about you, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments!

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