This Delectable Stretchy Ice Cream Is Now Available in Siargao—Here’s How You Can Get It for Free

What’s poppin’, IAO? Or should we say… what’s stretching? There’s a new sweet sensation taking the island by storm, and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Meet Cuppy, the Philippines’ first-ever stretchy ice cream!

Imagine a frozen dessert that stretches and pulls like taffy, bursting with flavor in every gooey bite. That’s the magic of Cuppy, the brainchild of passionate couple Lyka Chiang and Natch Alonso.

Siargao Cuppy ice cream

Located at Siargao’s famous Catangnan Sunset Bridge, otherwise known as AFAM Bridge, Cuppy Ice Cream invites dessert enthusiasts to indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience. As the sun sets over the horizon, visitors can savor the creamy, stretchy, and gooey goodness of Cuppy, a delectable treat that promises to redefine the traditional ice cream experience.

What sets Cuppy Ice Cream apart is its stretchy texture and unique mouthfeel, a first-of-its-kind offering in the Philippines. The innovative approach to ice cream-making has garnered attention and excitement, making Cuppy a must-try for those seeking a unique and memorable culinary adventure in Siargao.

“The concept of Cuppy is inspired by the popular Middle Eastern ice cream that is known for being stretchy and chewy,” Lyka explains. “With Cuppy, we created our own recipe so it’s just the right balance of sweet, creamy, and stretchy—creating a truly unique experience that is both foreign and familiar at the same time.

With our recipe, we focus on enhancing taste and mouthfeel without relying on artificial flavoring. We don’t want to compromise the quality just to make it stretchy.” she adds.

Siargao Cuppy ice cream

Being a new and unfamiliar concept, Cuppy gets a variety of feedback from their customers, some of whom are comparing it to cheese and bubble gum.

“Our customers are truly amazed by it. Some are a bit skeptical, as expected, because it’s something they’ve never tried before. However, we passionately explain to them our concept and the ice cream making process so they can get a better understanding of it,” Lyka states.

“In the end, they get to try it and realize that it’s the creamiest and tastiest ice cream they’ve ever had. Some even say it’s creamier and better than gelato so that makes us really happy.”

Meanwhile, Lyka reveals that the secret ingredient that makes Cuppy so stretchy is commonly used in ketogenic diets.

“The ingredient itself is healthy so people can assure that it’s safe and non-toxic,” she explains It not only contributes to the unique texture of our ice cream but also aligns with our brand’s commitment to offering a safe and healthy treat to our customers.”

Siargao Cuppy ice cream

Innovation knows no bounds at Cuppy. The brand proudly presents a diverse array of stretchy ice cream flavors, ranging from non-alcoholic classics to daring alcoholic infusions. Each batch of Cuppy Ice Cream is meticulously prepared fresh every day, ensuring that every stretch delivers a burst of flavor and a moment of pure indulgence.

“We take immense pride in our commitment to quality and creativity,” Natch affirms. “Our dedication to crafting the perfect balance of flavors and textures is evident in every spoonful, inviting our customers to savor the essence of our passion and craftsmanship.”

More than just a delicious treat, Cuppy Ice Cream is a story of love, passion, and perseverance. “Cuppy is born out of our shared passion for food, business, and art—and a symbol of our unbreakable bond and synergy,” Natch shares.

Their journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. Much like their ice cream, it was full of unexpected twists and turns that forced them to adapt and overcome.

“Entrepreneurship is hard. There were nights we questioned everything and even thought about giving up,” Natch admits. “But we pushed through together, and after months of contemplation, weeks of late-night brainstorming, and an endless cycle of flavor experimentation and taste tests,” he recalls with a smile, “we finally brought Cuppy to life.”

And now, it’s your turn to experience the Cuppy magic! To celebrate the launch of Cuppy Ice Cream in Siargao, the brand introduces the “Cuppy Stretch Challenge,” where customers can stretch their ice cream to the limits for a chance to win up to 50 pesos cash back or even enjoy a FREE ice cream, adding an element of fun and competition to their culinary adventure.

Head over to Catangnan Sunset Bridge in Siargao Island from 4PM to 7PM and you might just treat yourself to a free Cuppy! For more information and to stay updated on the latest flavors and promotions, follow Cuppy Ice Cream on social media and join in on the fun of this unique stretchy ice cream experience!