LOL: This guy brought his own medal to his graduation day

No medal? No problem! This guy prepared for the most special day in his life yet – his graduation day – by making sure his mother gets the pleasure and honor of putting medals on her son onstage. Medals are usually earned by accomplishing a certain achievement, but he said graduating in itself was already an accomplishment for him all on its own.


Netizens congratulated him, agreeing that he deserved to be rewarded just for studying hard in school.

“Congrats! That’s how he defined success and a recognition and rewards for himself… Kudos to you!”

“You are deserving to reward yourself for graduating in high school, most youngsters struggle to finish even elementary. Be proud and congratulations???”

“To graduate is a great accomplishment. Everyone deserves to have his/her own medal. Congrats! ?”

They also commented on his sense of humor and said that it would take him places!

“If he was my son, I should be proud of him… Funny and awesome. Congrats, boy! Your sense of humor will take you to a happy and abundant life in the future.”

Naniniwala ako na this kid will be successful. Daig talaga ang matalino sa wais!!! If others won’t believe in his capabilities, then he will make it and find a way.


Meanwhile, others thought the kid’s mom deserved some medals, too.

“Much better and truly appreciated if he gave the medal to her mom for the sacrifices she did, all the hardships, especially when giving allowances. But indeed, you did a great job.”

“For me, this is partly funny but still heartbreaking… He believed in himself that he deserved a medal. Finishing your studies is worth to be rewarded. To wake up early, to do your assignments, and to comply with the daily routine of a student is never easy… But if that medal he brought, if he gave it to his mom as recognition for his parents’ hardships as well… I would truly appreciate that and be more than grateful…  Your parents deserve an award too…  Agree?”

Watch the video here and read more comments about it:

What do you think? Did he deserve those medals?

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