ARMYs, this local shop offers BTS-inspired bottled coffee

There are many ways to show how much you (in the words of a fan) “stan your bias.” Some would buy merch, while others would draw fan art of their bias. But this someone took the extra mile and made a cafe to show how much they love their favorite Kpop boy group: BTS.

The name? Purple 7 Cafe.

Located in Quezon City, Purple 7 Cafe‪ is a coffee shop that was created, not as an official BTS cafe, but as a haven for ARMYs to show their love for this boy group. Here, you can find cookies, cakes in tin cans, and cakes in jars. And the icing on the cake (pun intended) is the add-ons that come with your order. I’m talking about photo cards with each member’s face on them— or as the shop calls it, their Purple Chibins.

Now, Purple 7 Cafe is back at it again with its line of coffee and milk-based drinks— made ready for delivery. Available flavors include Hazelnut Latte, Irish Cream Latte, Strawberry Milk, White Mocha, Dark Mocha, Caramel Latte, and Vanilla Latte. And the best part? Each one comes with a Purple Chibin on it!

Photo from Purple 7 Cafe

Photo from Purple 7 Cafe

The catch though is that who you’ll get will be a surprise. Plus, there’s no fixed member per flavor, which makes the guessing game even harder. But if you really, really want to get your bias, good news. If you get 4 bottles and above, Purple 7 Cafe lets you choose your preferred Chibin.

To order, you can fill up their order form, which will be reopened on August 9 at 9 AM. But note that payment must be made first before submitting it. Currently, Purple 7 Cafe can deliver to Metro Manila, Rizal, and certain areas in Laguna and Cavite.

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Which BTS member is your bias? Let us know in the comments!

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