Local Edition: The Pinoy Coffee Perfection


Local Edition has successfully tapped the community in Legazpi Village and created a space where people can easily call each other on a first name basis whether he or she is a CEO or a newbie to the corporate world. And considering their success in carving out this community spirit in the business district, it’s quite exciting to know that plans to open another branch are also being considered.

Cool Combinations for the Tummy

There is a wide array of amazing food that’s good for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner. When asked which dish is my favorite, I honestly could not choose because everything they served was delectable in all the right places. I even brought two people to try it with me and they felt the same way.

Their Breakfast Special is the P B and J which stands for (Peanut Butter, Banana, and Jelly) which is a cross between a hot pancake and a sandwich with chocolate syrup:


For Lunch Special, the Gooey Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup is a gastronomic blast and a real diet killer.  


For people who do want to keep their diet, there is this Deviled Egg filled with fresh vegetables and just a hint of paprika spice.


Meat and pasta lovers can also get their fix from the Zesty Sausage in Tomato Garlic Sauce.


In keeping with the collaborative spirit, they also have partnerships with other food providers and they have a special place on their counter for the pastries from various sources.  

Coffee and Tea

As a café, you will still find the all-familiar cups and tumblers on the rack and the beverages that fill them to the brim with good quality.  


They have this cool concept of fusing the creative touch into their coffee and tea products. A crowd favorite is the chocnut-inspired Nutspresso and the Latte Azucarado which is comprised of sweetened milk and whipped cream.


But there are also other interesting blends that you can try in each visit. Jackie’s favorite, the Hot Flat White Fresh, is a blend of really invigorating mint leaves.


Earl Grey Cappuccino is a hot beverage which is like a hybrid between coffee and tea. If you want an alternative Iced Tea experience, the Fresh Iced Coco Ginger Tea will serve you with iced tea fused with ginger, pandan, and mint. 


Given that the store is designed to keep you coming back as a regular, Local Edition also provides surprise off-menu items that you can request such as this yummy Le Club Sandwich and the super cute and tasty Potted Plant Oolong Tea:



Spurred by the numerous floral resolutions designed all over their wall, I stepped out into the busy streets of Makati with a firm resolve to keep returning to this creative haven of a coffee cup. 

Photographs in this article by Grace Ann Barrameda and  Harvey Tobias.


Local Edition
Perea Street, Legazpi Village, Makati
Website: www.localedition.ph
Store Hours: 7:30am-7:30pm on Weekdays, and 10:00am to 7:30pm on Weekends
(Welcomes coffee lovers, creative people, and collaborators for design and food products)

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