Diet Buddy PH: Your New Bestfriend in Losing Weight

When in Manila , are you tired of getting disappointed with the tasteless and unsatisfying food that you’ve been eating just to lose weight? Yes, I’ve been through that route too (Kamote, Oatmeal, Banana, Boiled Egg, etc.). It’s just not gonna work anymore. Tasteless diet food deprives food its full potential and it will just keep on letting us crave salty and greasy food around us. 

Diet Buddy PH

 Diet Buddy is here to save our weight!


If you want to lose weight and eat healthy but still end up with satisfied bellies and taste buds, then Diet Buddy is the one for you!

Diet Buddy PH

Diet Buddy is unlike any Diet Delivery Service that I’ve tried.


Diet Buddy PH is a calorie-counted diet plan that aims to make dieting fun, easy and stress free. The reason why it’s called as such is because the owners want their clients to see their service as a companion to losing weight and achieving a healthier life. I’ve experienced this all throughout my diet week with them. They texted me everyday with the menu and tips on how to make the diet extra effective. It’s like having an actual buddy!


Diet Buddy PH

On day 1, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The servings were big  and it had all my Filipino favorites!


Champorado for breakfast, Bistek for lunch, Suman and Mangoes for merienda, and Chicken Inasal for dinner. It’s like I wasn’t on a diet!


Diet Buddy PH

 2nd day was not so different,  another batch of crave-worthy home-cooked meals! 


Diet Buddy PH

The Homemade Hamonado Longganissa surely hit Homerun for me!


I remember my sisters wanting to hoard my food for this particular day. When they saw me eating the longanissa for breakfast and turon for merienda, they got kinda jealous. I also found the lumpiang ubod for lunch and  tortang talong for dinner very tasty. 



3rd day just got even better!


Eating Hamonado on Wheat pandesal, Vegetable Kare-Kare, Arroz Caldo and Chicken Puchero all in one day was like eating my mom’s cooking. Diet Buddy doesn’t serve tasteless food, I guarantee you that, and I was full every meal. Of course, I also did my part. Diet Buddy reminded me to drink lots of water and sleep early every night.  



 This Veggie Kare Kare was my favorite for that day. 


Read on to know what I had for the 4th and 5th day from Diet Buddy