Local Edition: The Pinoy Coffee Perfection

Most people consider coffee as staple. But when you’re inside Local Edition, however, expect an override to your regular coffee shop notions.  There, you enter a space where the possibilities of a coffee shop can expand.

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It’s a seed for ideas as a collaborative space. It’s a patriotic statement (with beans organically grown here by local farmers). It’s a hub for creative ideas. Overall, it’s a very pleasurable experience.

The place successfully conserved the light and serendipitous vibe of business partners and college friends Jackie Arceo and Julia Sevilla when they brainstormed for 6 months and finally opened this store last June 2014.  


Local Edition Julia and Jackie
Photo: Local Edition PH

Cocoon Levels of Coziness

During my first visit, I found myself hanging out for almost 4 hours without even noticing it. Outside, you will feel the hustle and bustle of Makati’s skyscrapers and work deadlines. Inside, you will feel like you are transported to a zone that is very much like a second home, a small mental vacation many regulars can attest to.


Complete Service-Centeredness

Between the extremes of rigid structures and overly-done artsy attempts is a coffee shop’s sweet spot. And this is precisely what Local Edition provides—the just right, feel good, in between sensation that goes neither come-hither to the customer nor coldly “business as usual” without a personal touch. Even when people were milling in and out of the café to be served, the staff (especially the store manager Reci) made sure that we had everything we needed and treated us as warmly as their bestselling hot beverages. Jackie, co-owner and manager of café operations, walked us through all of our questions with the same patience and warmth that her entire staff had. You will not just go back for the food; you will go back for the people.



Primarily, the entire design hinges on and purveys creativity in all forms. There was a tiny shelf dedicated to their partnership with the Manila Book Project that allows any guest to swap their own books from what’s displayed in the store.


The April 2015 store design during my visit was done in partnership with the UP College of Fine Arts. The store’s entire look changes every two months depending on their collaborations. Their upcoming store design partners include photographers, a bag brand, and even a nearby architectural firm.


Concoction of Ideas

During the busy weekday, I have observed different types of people doing their own thing with ease inside Local Edition. There was an informal meeting of a group of professionals at one corner. There was someone doing his or her personal quiet time in another. And then outside, by the smoking area, couples or buddies are in deep one-to-one conversation with each other.


Our motley crew had our own share of brainstorming fun because the place is non-intrusive and conducive for ideas of any kind.

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