LISTEN: The Curiosity Rover Sings Happy Birthday to Itself on Mars

Yesterday, the Curiosity Rover spent its fourth birthday alone on the surface of Mars. And what did he do to celebrate? Sing “Happy Birthday” to itself.

The Curiosity Rover landed on Mars on August 5, 2012, to investigate Martian climate , water, and geology, assess if the planet is favorable for microbial life, and conduct planetary habitability studies for future human exploration.

To commemorate the day Curiosity arrived in Mars, the Sample Analyis at Mars (MARS) team of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center decided to play a birthday song each year.

Florence Tan, SAM’s electrical lead engineer, said, “If there’s anyone listening on Mars on this special occasion, you will hear this.”

It’s both sad and cute. Tan’s statement is a little creepy.

Watch the video below:

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