Level Up Your Instant Coffee With These Easy Drip Bags!


Your “instant” coffee doesn’t have to be the usual 3-in-1 powdered coffee-creamer-sugar in a pack or the first wave coffee most Filipinos are accustomed to, which is coffee grown exponentially, processed, and packed in factories and sold in grocery stores. Usually, this type of on-the-go coffee has already lost its true properties and the caffeine kick that we’re looking for. Aside from the run-down taste, the nutritional benefits of coffee is also no longer there.

Ironically, the Philippines is a budding source of raw to ready-to-brew coffee. Yet most Filipinos are satisfied stocking 3-in-1 coffees in their shelves. From a passion project, something turned into a wonderful vision of not just inventing convenience on coffee consumption, but also to make pride of the local coffee that the country can viably produce and market.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Daybreak-Coffee-MNL_04Freshly packed ground coffee made into easy-to-use drip packets.

Daybreak Coffee aims to elevate our local products by packaging them in sealed single-serve, disposable drip bags for easy brewed coffee-on-the-go. Their coffees are locally sourced from the provinces of Batangas, Benguet, and Sagada helping our local coffee farmers earn a living by taking their products to our homes and offices.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Daybreak-Coffee-MNL_05Its unique packaging is snug and adjustable, enough to fit any cup size.

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Daybreak-Coffee-MNL_073 easy steps for a fast caffeine fix

When-In-Manila_Hoppiepolla_Daybreak-Coffee-MNL_02Three distinct coffee flavor. Three outstanding coffee provinces.

They are currently focusing on our three variants of single-origin coffee. Benguet (Arabica) coffee is a milder variant, with hints of citrus and a mild finish. Batangas (Liberica) coffee, commonly known as Barako coffee, is medium roasted with a bold taste and strong aroma, while Sagada (Arabica) coffee is dark-roasted with a smooth body.


The brand was named “Daybreak”, aptly associated with “energized mornings” and “new beginnings”, just like how coffee lovers “procaffeinate” before starting a day. With small packets of coffee, it brings awareness on making local products a part of our everyday routine.


Visit www.daybreakmnl.com to view their products and don’t forget to use #daybreakmnl to tag your Daybreak coffee experience!

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